**If your repair unit/s is deemed out of warranty, the minimum repair fee of R350.00 excl. per unit, will become effective.

If the above is applicable, you will not necessarily receive a quotation as this is our minimum fee for a repair.

The Repair Department will generate a quotation if the repair cost per unit, exceeds the minimum repair fee.

Please do not pay on quotations, only make payment after receiving an invoice from our Admin department which will reflect the total repair cost.

Units will only be made ready for dispatch/collection after payment is received and a dispatch/collection email notification is provided from our Admin Department.

Units that are not collected within a 3 month period after it was booked in, may be sold to defray repair costs.




NOTE: If due to defects of materials and workmanship there will be no repair cost.

  1. The unit must not have been opened or otherwise tampered with. If the enclosure of any unit has been opened at all, the guarantee will be null and void.
  2. The guarantee does not cover damage resulting from excessive input voltages, lightning, power surges or water ingress.

Points 1 and 2 will be at the sole discretion of Polygon Technologies CC.”



The following rules will apply when requesting a Swop-Out:


The time of your request is within the first 2 weeks (calendar month) from time of purchase.

** If a unit is older than 2 weeks and is faulty then please refer to our Repairs Process.

Polygon Technologies retain the rights to approve or decline a swop-out of a device.

A swop-out will ONLY be granted if a device is non-operational when powered up for the first time.

It is the responsibility of the client to first call Polygon Technologies Support Department so that the fault can be determined.

Polygon Technologies will arrange for the collection of the faulty device and at the same time deliver the new device.

** If the client is located within Cape Town they are welcome to visit our offices to handle the matter.”



If you need to cancel your order, please email us at  During processing, it may be possible to cancel your order, but once it moves to the shipping process, it cannot be canceled.

If it is too late to cancel your order, you may return any unwanted items in accordance with our returns/refund policy.




The following rules will apply when requesting a refund:

The time of your request for refund/credit is no more than 7 days from time of purchase.

The product has not been opened or installed.

If we find your request reasonable due to special circumstances.

A refund will be made within 14 days once the products has been assessed.

A 10% handling fee may be charged



If a product is returned, the courier fee’s will be for your own account


Warranty Repairs:

The units will need to be sent to Polygon Technologies’ Repairs Department, this is for the clients account.

Polygon Technologies will return the repaired device via their courier service at their cost.”



We do not give a guarantee on batteries

**Accessories from 3rd parties or those of which Polygon Technologies manufacture will carry a 1 year Warranty against

manufacturing defects.”



We will not he held liable if your parcel is damaged by a courier.  We recommend that you use our courier. Please indicate when placing a order if you require insurance of your parcel.