PLEASE NOTE – All Version 8 GSM Commanders now operate off one version of Software.
You no longer need to download model specific versions for your Version 8 Commander.

The same hardware & software limitations as before apply to each model of GSM Commander.

If you are unsure if your GSM Commander is Version7 or Version8, please refer to your model number
It will be marked on the top right as GC0108 or GC0328 or GC0648 or GC1288

  • ss7 box - GSM Commander
    SmartSetup - V8 10.11 MB 2734 downloads

    SmartSetup V8.04B

    Supports GC0108 / GC0328 / GC0648 & GC1288


    • V8.04B Fixes Included:
      • SMS Queue Buffer increased to 35 SMS in the queue (when under 50 characters each)
      • Bug in SMS queue when it overflows
    • V8.04 Fixes Included:
      • Removal of non-functional buttons on Settings Tab
      • Adding of Reset Reasons with a Description of the reason for user guidance
      • Adding of the 2 and 4 Special Settings character to the Special Settings list
    • V8.03A Fixes Included:
      • Introduced ability to set network type to AUTO / 2G or 4G
      • Send "NETWORK?" to see what the current connectivity is on.
      • Send "NETWORK 2G" to 2G only / "NETWORK 4G" for 4G only / "NETWORK AUTO" to allow the module to decide.
      • Bug fix on AirDrive Open Protocol